New features and improvements to the app Lisboa
Novas funcionalidades e melhorias à app Lisboa


Object: Continuous improvement of the App and the LisbOa Viagem website

Scope: Improve and develop the LisbOa Viagem App and website, "step by step" taking into account the evaluation of members, feedback from Android and iOS users and the progress that is verified in the "state of the art" of "journeyplanners".

a) Route calculation with 3 alternatives
Changing the calculation algorithm so that 3 route options are presented, i.e. not only the best solution (but also the 2nd and 3rd best solutions that use a different mode or have at least a different career) will be presented.

b) Improved usability of the app
Design and navigation changes between screens with fewer steps of navigation and quick access to the most searched content (e.g. schedules). Among other improvements introduced is: 
-    Creation of a hamburger menu with the "Alerts" and the "News".  
-    The main screen is now the navigation screen displaying the user's position on the map and allowing direct access to "Favorites" and "Career Search" and through the Footer Menu access to "Route Calculation", "Schedules", "Stop Search" and "Tariffs".   
-    The "Career Search" has made it possible to see all careers that pass at a defined stop. 
-    Introduction of "assisted research"
-    Creating a button in the upper right corner of the home screen to display the events, which will only appear to the user when events exist. 
On the other hand, these began to be imported through webservices. 

c) Inclusion of real-time information
The integration, in the website and apps, of real-time information of all operators who have possibilities to make it available, forced several changes to the calculation algorithm. The route calculation algorithm has been optimized to display real-time results (Wait and Arrival Times at the most trusted stops)  
The "Find Stop" feature now displays results with real-time schedules for forecasting arrival at the stops. 
This implementation uses operator services to obtain the real-time information that is used in the calculation of routes to make available to its users more approximated times of reality whenever they are not available will be used the times loaded in Transporlis. 
Real-time information is available for the following operators: Carris, ML, TST and TTSL. 

d) Inclusion of soft modes
Availability, on the Transporlis website and in the LisbOa Viagem app, the bike paths, the location of bike collection points (stations) and the number of bicycles available at each point updated in real time.  
This information is available to the municipality of Lisbon (GIRA) being in preparation for the inclusion of information from the municipality of Barreiro. 

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