Other projects


Transporlis has been collaborating on several projects in partnership, such as: 

•    Under the collaboration agreement with Moovit with the common objective of improving Transporlis' "open data" and providing for joint analysis of static, real-time and alert data and the development of guidance to improve the quality and quantity of open data made available.

•    The collaboration agreed with Apple to identify us aspects that may require improvement. 

•    In partnership with Thales Portugal, in European R&D Projects, namely at KIC Digital EIT in two projects associated with mobility and intermodality and in Shift2Rail projects,  providing information on the transport network of the Lisbon metropolitan area.

•    In the European “Mapping Accessible Transport for Persons with Reduced Mobility study”, coordinated by TIS, which took place between June 2018 and July 2019 and in which transporlis data were used for the pilot project developed by ARMIS, one of the partners of this project that also involved Panthea (NL) and ITS Leeds (UK) 

•    In the "Intermodal Urban Mobility Laboratory" developed by ADENE  under the  CINERGIA project - Energy Information Center - which aims at citizen literacy and the dissemination of information on the entire energy sector, including energy in mobility.

•    In the Living Laboratory Project for the decarbonization of Almada/Carbon Zero Community, coordinated by the Municipality of Almada and co-financed by the Environmental Fund. This  project  had  12  entities  in  partnership.

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