The “Data for Public Transport (DATA4PT)" Project takes place as part of an action to support the Transport Programme (PSA) of the European Connection Mechanism (CEF), to support Member States in the development and implementation of European standards for the exchange of public transport data Transmodel, NeTEx and SIRI, with a view to providing reliable and efficient multimodal travel information services at European Union level , including the urban nodes of the RTE-T Network. 

Duration: 48 months(2020 to 2024)

Funding: Portugal Programme Support Action (PSA) | CEF- Transport Sector (100% of eligible costs identified in the contract)

Partners: Coordinator: UITP (International Association of Public Transport); Technical Manager: ITxPT Partners: Official Transport Bodies from Germany, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Slovenia, France, Italy, Portugal (IMT); Czech Republic, Sweden. And, as "Implementing Bodies" from IMT to AML, AMP, Carris, Transporlis and Armis.


-    The DATA4PT project aims to promote data sharing in the public transport sector by supporting the development and implementation of standards and data exchange models that will meet the needs of multimodal travel information service providers.
-    Support the development and updates of Transmodel, NeTEx and SIRI standards to ensure that they will meet the needs of multimodal travel information service providers; 
-    Develop data validation tools and test platforms; 
-    Assist in the development of NATIONAL SIRI profiles; 

More information about the project: access to the DATA4PT website: 

Transporlis objectives by participating in this project:

-    Participate as an operational test site in the evaluation and validation of the tools developed in the DATA4PT Project. 
-    Validate the conformity and quality of transporlis operators' data, with European standards and, in particular, with the national profiles defined by IMT, for NeTEx and SIRI (In addition to the definition of the national SIRI profile, the current NeTEx national profiles of the different partners of this Project are planned) 
-    Have the opportunity to make their data available to all members in accordance with the best European practices and validated by IMT. 

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