Institutional Information
Informação Institucional


Subject: Have an Institutional site of the Association

Scope: Acknowledged on one hand the Transporlis Association and on the other hand make available to all members the information of the activities of the association, although may require authentication for this purpose. 

a) Documentary Site (only for members)
A transporlis association document archive that allows you to publish, share, and display folders and files. 
Secure access by HTTPS by entering a valid username and password and backing up data
Allows a group of users to only view and access folders predefined by the administrator, as well as whether you have permission only to view or also to edit. Similarly, permissions can be configured for different user groups (or specific users), for uploads, downloads, editing, delete, and create folders, etc. 
It also allows users to subscribe to folders or documents to receive notifications when there is an update 
Available "document management manual" 

b) New Transporlis brand
New Transporlis brand.pdf 

Studied and approved by all members of the new Transporlis Brand.  
Graphic standards manual available 
Once registered 

c) Transporlis Website
Institutional website of the Transporlis Association, with a new image, centered on the creation of a dynamic “one page”. Keeps the address And it will be available from April 2021.

Rua Xavier Araújo,
Edificio Metro das Laranjeiras
1600-226 Lisboa