Access to information Transporlis - Open data
Acesso à informação Transporlis - Dados abertos


Subject: Provide access to Transporlis services and data

Scope:  To provide Transporlis services and data, in open formats, as support for the development of solutions that promote the sustainable mobility of people in the metropolitan area of Lisbon.

a) Providing access to Transporlis / LisbOa Viagem services
-    Webservices
These services were created to feed the Transporlis website, as well as the website of other entities, and have been expanded to provide information also to various solutions developed by Transporlis associates and various projects at national and European level.
The algorithm as well as Webservices have been changed to meet new requirements in particular to allow you to consult the times of the day at a given stop and to respond to the request of some operators who would like to present exclusively or preferably their offer. 
The services are developed in C#, framework 4.0 and according to the Windows Communication Foundation - WCF, and require authentication to be consulted. As a customer, the SoapUI 5.0 application is used because it is a non-Microsoft application, based on Java, thus allowing you to easily identify the types of questions and answers available in Transporlis services.

-    Widget
The TRANSPORLIS widget is a small application that allows you to add journeyplanner features to websites, allowing visitors to know the easiest way to reach the sites, namely entities facilities, using public transport from the Lisbon Metropolitan Area.
Using the Transporlis widget requires a prior registration request.

b) Open data
-    Static information in GTFS

o    Availability of information in GTFS
Information from all transporlis associated operators is available in GTFS, a conversion that was supported by the Connecting Digital Cities (CDC) Project of EIT Digital (EIT ICT Labs), 
Included in an activity coordinated by Thales Portugal 
This information, initially available on CML's "open data portal," has also been available on the Transporlis website, updated daily since the beginning of 2020. 
API creation to obtain the complete collection of open data (zip). Requires prior registration.

o    Import of information in GTFS
The development of a data import module in GTFS that does not change the current way of importing data from associates is ongoing, being only an option that operators can use if they have their information available in GTFS and if they want it. 
It will, however, facilitate the inclusion of new entrant information, and pave the way for the acquisition and availability of this data in NeTEx format

-    Static information NeTEx
In progress the availability in NeTEx format of the static information of all road operators, according to the current national profile NeTEx. This conversion is possible to carry out, in a sustained manner, based on the developments made under the CEF Project, How2GO, which are validated by imt. 

-    Dynamic information in GTFS RT
Under evaluation the requirements of a study aimed at identifying what is necessary to "harmonize" the real-time data of all operators in order to be able to progress, in a sustained way, with the process of acquiring and making information available in GTFS RT.

-    Dynamic information in SIRI
The conversion of data from GTFS RT to SIRI is expected to run from the CEF DATA4PT Project, coordinated at national level by IMT and in which Transporlis participates as "Implementing Body". 

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