Lisboa Viagem
Lisboa viagem


Object: To  provide friendly and  intuitive  solutions, enabling the provision of multimodal travel information services, targeting to improving the quality of service and the efficiency of public passenger transport, as a support for the sustainable mobility of people and access to geographically dispersed markets;  

Scope: Development of an App (Android and iOS) and a website with a renewed Transporlis brand (“LisbOa Viagem” in english: Lisbon Travel), for Lisbon Metropolitan Area

a) Creation of the LisbOa Viagem Brand
Discussed several ideas, developed by Prof Filipe Trigo of ML, about the brand, the design and usability of the future Transporlis APP, the brand was eventually selected unanimously was already registered by two of the associated companies, at the time, transporlis partners (Metro Lisboa and Transtejo). These two companies agreed to transfer it to Transporlis and supported their registration with the inpi.

b) Creation of LisbOa Viagem app  (in native android and iOS version):
Open a consultation to 3 entities for the development of the LisbOa Viagem App (Android and iOS), and selected Gismédia for the development, and this whole process, since the preparation phase of the consultation to the selection of the supplier, had the involvement of all members. Defined "terms and conditions" of the mobile App. 
The Lisbon Travel App (Android and iOS) is available since the end of 2019.

c) Development of the LisbOa Viagem website
Once the usability and functionality of the LisbOa Viagem app were stabilized, the LisbOa Viagem website was created, thus removing the "journey planer" from the Transporlis website. In this process, several aspects of usability were reviewed they were also included in the LisbOa Viagem Apps, in order to maintain identical navigation facilities in the different user interfaces. 
Adapted and updated the "terms and conditions" of the Mobile App for the website.

Rua Xavier Araújo,
Edificio Metro das Laranjeiras
1600-226 Lisboa