Dados abertos
In addition to providing GTFS operator information, which is updated on a daily basis, an access option (API) is also available that makes it possible to extract GTFS information from all operators en bloc and in an automated manner, after creating a Login and Password by the user.





To access open data through the API you need to register.
This registration is mandatory and only for accessing open data through web services, in order to automate the transfer process.
If you just want to transfer the files manually, you don't need to register, you can access it through the open data page, clicking on the respective button at the top of the page.
The data collected are intended to facilitate contacts between you and the Transporlis Association and will be included in our contact agenda, in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation in force. To learn more about our Privacy policy click here.
I authorize my data to be inserted in the contact database
It is mandatory to accept the privacy policy

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