Transporlis' object is:

•    Explore and manage a multimodal travel information system for the transport sector of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, with the aim of providing information to users on means and modes of transport, tourism, leisure, sport and health;

•    Promote the development, implementation and dissemination of technologically advanced solutions ensuring innovation in the provision of multimodal trips information services, with a view to improving the quality of service and the efficiency of public passenger transport, while supporting sustainable mobility and access to geographically dispersed markets;  

•    Update and develop the multimodal travel information system of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, Transporlis;

•    Ensure the dissemination and promotion of Transporlis information, through the means, and communication activities of its members as well as other entities, publicor private, with which the Association has cooperation agreements; 

• Explore, develop and manage new channels for the content available in the Transporlis multimodal travel information system; 

•    Promote, within the framework of the Activities of the Association, the integrated management of human, technical and financial resources made available by members;

•    Anticipate the compliance of Transporlis solutions with the provisions of the European Commission's Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/1926, of 31 May, which complements Directive 2010/40/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of 7 July, in which it is relevant to the provision of multimodal travel information services, door-to-door, at EU level (directive transposed into the Portuguese legal order through Law No 32/2013 of 10 May);

•    Promote Cooperation Agreements, with public or private entities, which may in some way contribute to the purpose of the Association by maintaining existing ones, namely the agreement concluded on 4 March 2004with the then DGTT – "Direção Geral dos Transportes Terrestres". 

Rua Xavier Araújo,
Edificio Metro das Laranjeiras
1600-226 Lisboa